Bedtime Routine

If a good night's sleep is on your self-care to do list, check out this collection to help you boost your bedtime routine and drift off to sleep with a smile on your face.

A soothing bedtime routine can set you up for improved sleep. It allows you the time you need to de-stress, process the days happenings and get in tune with your body and how you are feeling. Try including one (or all if it's a Self-Care Sunday!) of these pleasure rituals:

  • Unwinding in the tub with calming bath salts, a jade mask (try chilling it in the fridge first so that it's nice and cool during a hot soak), a glass of red wine or lovely cup of tea and the iroha+ kushi for next level relaxation.
  • Give yourself a gua sha self-facial using a soothing face oil to smooth out any tension in the neck and face. 
  • Slip into your favourite slip dress or cropped cami + undies and allow your mind to clear by working on your cross stitch or listening to a hypnotherapy track.