For the Mamas

This edit features pieces that can be incorporated into a mama's self-care routine: simple ways to experience a few moments of personal pleasure in an other-centered day. 

  • Invest in comfy undies and bralettes made from natural fibres. The most intimate pieces of clothing you put on each day should be a pleasure to wear. 
  • Create your mama capsule wardrobe of pieces that are stylish but also super comfy and easy-to-wear because looking good while feeling good is the goal here! 
  • Magically find yourself with 20 minutes of child-free time? Hop in the tub + try adding an energizing herbal bath salt to leave you feeling invigorated and ready for the rest of the day.
  • The simple act of being present while combing your hair before bed can be a soothing and gratifying pleasure ritual. We really love using a Jade Comb to do a self-scalp massage.
  • Take a few moments to show yourself some love and reconnect with your body. Try the rose quartz curved pleasure wand, this stone is known as the love stone and is associated with the heart chakra.