Sustainable Clothing for your Mindfulness Practices


Arousal Serum
Dame Products’ Arousal Serum is a pH-balanced, 100% natural formula that awakens your vulva with a warm tingle. One pump heightens awareness, stirs the nerve endings, and increases pleasure.HOW TO USEApply 1 to 2 drops to your finger, then massage...
AHA & Fresh Deodorant
Poetry of the Gods' unscented deodorant tackles and neutralize sweat odour with AHA. Working synergistically with the body’s pH, this unique formula prevents the growth of odour molecules, providing long-lasting results. Imparts a fresh, clean feel without staining clothes or...
Northern Fir Candle
Woody | Cool | Refreshing A refreshing blend of evergreen forest and earthy woods transports you to the mountains where wind-swept fir trees tower above you as you inhale the cool mountain air. This candle contains a custom coconut wax...
Library Candle
Inviting | Familiar | Intriguing A tranquil blend of velvety florals and vanilla musk transports you to an Oxford library where you shelter in silence amidst aromas of leather and old books.This candle contains a custom coconut wax blend and...
Hygge Kashmir Candle
Warm | Sensual | Comforting A warm blend of vanilla cashmere and peach blossom transports you to an orchard sunset where feelings of comfort and warmth surround you.This candle contains a custom coconut wax blend and is accompanied by a...
Fresh Yuzu Candle
Citrus | Cleansing | Refreshing A sophisticated blend of Japanese citrus and Hinoki cypress transports you to a sprawling grove filled with yuzu and mandarin blossoms.This candle contains a custom coconut wax blend and is accompanied by a 100% cotton...
Dark Berries Candle
Mysterious | Fresh | I TangyA delightful blend of wild rose and black currant transports you to a summer cottage where freshly picked berries simmer away on a wood stove as you prepare a bouquet of leafy greens and woody...
obsidian pleasure wand - large SLIM
Black Obsidian helps us eliminate energy blockages and relieves tension, integrating the psychological shadow into the whole, anchoring the spirit into the body. This stone stimulates growth on all levels. It urges exploration of the unknown, opening new horizons.Obsidian's greatest...
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