What if spending time exploring your body on your own was a regular part of your routine, and not a special treat?

Maybe you already have a self-pleasure practice, but maybe the idea of truly taking the time to explore what feels good feels self-indulgent and unobtainable. We want to support you in reclaiming your pleasure and returning to your body. Pleasure is essential to your wellbeing, so let's explore ways to include more pleasurable moments in your day.

Here at The Lake, we like to use the term β€˜body exploration device’ as a catch-all term for the tools we use to help support this journey. Changing the language has the potential to free us from traditional expectations and offer a new mindset to start with self-exploration. While we currently focus on offering a high-quality selection of B.E.D.’s for vulva havers, we support all forms of play and exploration as part of your sexual discovery.

Do you think about pleasure and exploration as part of your overall well-being? Because we think you should.

Sexual pleasure is one of the ways we can reconnect with our bodies, and here at The Lake we want to encourage you to explore without expectation, goals or stress. As part of your larger sexual exploration, self-pleasure is a mindfulness practice that we believe should be the foundation for everybody.

Everybody deserves pleasure, and we’re here to help you find it.

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- Bren + Philippe

Our mission is to create a welcoming space for you to find pleasure and delight, engage with a community and gain education that leaves you feeling more connected with yourself.

We believe in pleasure as wellness. It comes in many forms, from as small as slipping into your most comfortable underwear, to as big as discovering something new about your body. It can feel like joy, delight, arousal, rest, self-discovery and more.