Delightful Non-Alcoholic Wine Tasting at Bar Petunia

February 01, 2024 3 min read

The Lake and Bar Petunia's recent non-alcoholic wine-tasting event was a memorable evening that combined the joy of discovering exquisite wine alternatives with the warmth of community. Bar Petunia is a cozy wine bar in the heart of downtown Gananoque, boasting an impressive wine selection. The event was marked by animated discussions among regular and new patrons, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Non-Alcoholic Wine-Tasting at Bar Petunia in Gananoque.

Educational Insight

One of the most memorable moments of the evening was Brenna's enlightening presentation. She spoke about the fascinating methods used to de-alcoholize wine, including Vacuum Distillation, Reverse Osmosis, Spinning Cone Columns, and Membrane Filtration. Each of these processes uniquely preserves the wine's essence. This knowledge added value to the tasting experience, helping guests better appreciate and understand the wines.

Innovative Flavor Enhancements

An exciting twist to the event was Barks and Bitters' introduction of non-alcoholic bitters. This innovative concept was a hit, especially for those accustomed to alcoholic wines, adding a layer of complexity to the flavours.

Featured Wines and Their Uniqueness

Guests were asked to rank their preferences for de-alcoholized wine from 1 (most favourite) to 5 (least favourite).

Each wine showcased its distinctive character:

Non-Alcoholic Wines available at The Lake in Downtown Kingston.
Luminara Alcohol-Removed Red Blend

Luminara Alcohol-Removed Red Blend:

This wine stood out with its sophisticated blend of dark fruit flavours and a hint of oak, reminiscent of traditional wines. It was a favourite among those who enjoy a fuller body and balanced notes of black cherry, baking spice, and smoke, with a lighter finish. Still, it came in last with an average ranking of 3.9.



Pure Vision Zero Shiraz

Pure Vision Zero Shiraz:

This Shiraz was admired for its rich plum flavours and subtle oak undertones, scoring an average of 2.8. Its robust palate mirrored that of its alcoholic counterparts, making it a popular choice.





Oddbird de-alcoholized GSM wine

Oddbird GSM:

A harmonious blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre, this wine presented a delightful mix of ripe berries and soft tannins. It was well-received for its balance and fruit-forward profile, earning 1st place overall with an average score of 2.6.




Saint-Viviana Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon

Saint-Viviana Cabernet Sauvignon:

This wine scored 2.75. Its classic notes of black currant were complemented by hints of coffee and vanilla, and it captivated the guests with its traditional Cabernet characteristics and more pronounced acidity, satisfying the palette of conventional wine drinkers.




Saint-Viviana De-alcoholized Sauvignon Blanc

Saint Viviana Sauvignon Blanc:

The only white wine of the evening, it impressed with its crisp citrus and floral notes, scoring an average of 2.7. Its freshness, vibrancy and distinctive aromas were especially appreciated.




Guests' Involvement and Final Favorites

Attendees actively participated in rating their favourites, reflecting a collective palate favouring nuanced and well-crafted non-alcoholic wines. The Oddbird GSM and Saint Viviana Sauvignon Blanc emerged as the overall favourites of the night.

Non-Alcoholic Wine Review non-alcoholic-wine Luminara-alcohol-removed, Pure-Vision Zero Shiraz, Oddbird gsm, Saint-Viviana Cabernet-sauvignon, Saint-viviana Sauvignon-blanc


Barks and Bitters' Remarkable Sparkling Solution

The event also showcased the 'Remarkable Sparkling Solution' from Barks and Bitters, a standout for its ability to elevate the wine-tasting experience. This non-alcoholic bitter added an intriguing dimension of flavour, enhancing the appeal and complexity of the wines.

The Lake and Bar Petunia's non-alcoholic wine-tasting event was a showcase of excellent wines and a testament to the evolving landscape of wine enjoyment, blending tradition with innovation.

Stay tuned for our next event with Bar Petunia, where we will host a non-alcoholic cocktail tasting. Follow Bar Petunia on Instagram for other events and more traditional alcoholic wine tasting.