• Self-Pleasure Is Trending In 2021

    Self-Pleasure Is Trending In 2021

    Here at The Lake, we take pleasure seriously and believe it's an important part of everyone's daily life. It's a full-body, mindful practice that shouldn't be considered dirty or shameful anymore. Self-pleasure is self-care that feeds the spirit, and while we may have always known this, it seems the idea is catching on. With a new year comes a wave of trend forecasts, and 'self-pleasure' and 'sexual pleasure' were...
  • Interview With Artist Sophie Edell

    Interview With Artist Sophie Edell

     If you followed our holiday campaign this December, you likely fell in love with the amazing still-life painting of our favourite products. The artist is Sophie Edell, a Quebec-based painter and multi-disciplinary artist who specializes in everyday still-lifes and landscapes. Early in the year she moved from Montreal to the Eastern Townships, near the Quebec-Vermont border. Inspired by her new surroundings, she's been producing a...
  • A Case for Self Pleasure

    A Case for Self Pleasure

    Self-pleasure is the most basic form of self-care. It's good for us on many levels: physiologically, psychologically, and even spiritually. Physiological benefits: arousal brings blood flow to the pelvis and all of its vital organs blood flow is imperative for maintaining organ health of the bladder, the uterus, the lower GI tract, as well as maintaining tone in the pelvic floor Psychological benefits: orgasms...
  • Platonic Intimacy

    Platonic Intimacy

    "I would love to feel closer to you, I'm working on finding ways to divert some of my self care to community care. I am craving more connection. Want to do each other's hair?"
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