Everything is better with Butter.

July 06, 2023 2 min read

Moody image of the Personal Massager by Butter Wellness propped up against the packaging.

Introducing the newest addition to our body exploration device collection – the 
Personal Massager by Butter Wellness. Butter is a brand that is changing the way we think about sexual wellness + pleasure for people with prostates. Centered around education, innovation, and approachability, Butter creates products for an oft-overlooked area of the body—the prostate, sometimes referred to as ‘the male G-spot.’

The Butter Personal Massager is an external vibe designed to stimulate the perineum + prostate. Enhanced pleasure is within reach—hidden in your perineum—aka that sweet spot between the scrotum and anus, for people with prostates.

The Butter Personal Massager is a waterproof, ultra-quiet, body-safe silicone device. That's right—no insertion is required to experience the goods. The Personal Massager is also great for any erogenous zone. Shower time, jacuzzi time, steam time, and the like are all fair game.

What is the prostate?

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the scrotum and the anus, right under the bladder. It sits about two inches inside the rectum.

What is the perineum?

 The perineum is the area of skin between the testes and the anus. The prostate is located internally, above the perineum.

Why stimulate this area?

The prostate contains thousands of nerve endings, making it the primary erogenous zone for people assigned male at birth. Hence the nickname “the male G-spot”. For many reasons, stimulating the 

But for why?

Butter is a sexual wellness brand centered around education, innovation, and approachability. Their products are marketed towards people with prostates, but The Personal Massager is also great for any erogenous zone and any gender.

Butter believes sexual health is an integral component to one’s overall health. Their mission is to de-stigmatize sexual wellness taboos, enabling people with prostates to feel confident partaking in the form of self care that brings them the most pleasure.

Image of a hand holding the Personal Massager by Butter Wellness, against a blue backdrop


By Yourself

Apply the massager to your perineum—the fairway between the testes and anus—to experience enhanced pleasure. Make sure to cycle through all ten vibration settings and explore different pressures to see what’ll do the trick.

As a Couple

While the perineum is what we’re after, The Personal Massager is great for any erogenous zone. His, hers, theirs—whether it’s a new addition to foreplay or the entire show, take your and your partner’s pleasure to the next level.

With Water

The Personal Massager is fully waterproof. That means shower time, jacuzzi time, steam time, or the like are all fair game.

Special Features

- External-use only
- Phthalate, latex, & BPA-free
- Body-safe silicone
- Waterproof
- 10 vibration settings
- USB rechargeable
- Ultra-quiet