Self-Pleasure Is Trending In 2021

January 15, 2021 2 min read

Here at The Lake, we take pleasure seriously and believe it's an important part of everyone's daily life. It's a full-body, mindful practice that shouldn't be considered dirty or shameful anymore.

Self-pleasure is self-care that feeds the spirit, and while we may have always known this, it seems the idea is catching on. With a new year comes a wave of trend forecasts, and 'self-pleasure' and 'sexual pleasure' were included on many lists of 2021 wellness trends, including Byrdie, Well + Good, and Vogue.  

We love seeing this new love for self-pleasure, although we don't think it's a trend - it's a movement!



Self-Pleasure as Self-Care


Looking ahead, she hopes to see an expansion of self-pleasure as a tool to allow us to feel our emotions as we begin to process them. "The social movements we are part of begin to live in our nervous system," she says. "Sex offers us a way to move that energy through us. Through breath, sound, and movement, we can keep what is true and in the moment and have the opportunity to be there with it." In this way, pleasure is also a way to be true to ourselves.



We Say Yes, Yes, Yes to Self-Pleasure as Self Care

According to a June 2020 report by pleasure product brand TENGA, 84 percent of Americans now recognize masturbation as a form of self-care (compared to 44 percent in 2016). 

...Recognizing masturbation as self care means going beyond the orgasm. It means creating more intimate, personalized, pleasure-focused experiences that everybody can enjoy… even if the only body you’re enjoying is your own. 



The Healing Potential of Sexual Pleasure

“Consensual sex and intimate pleasure is self-care for all bodies,” Dakota Johnson, who announced her new role as investor and co-creative director of Maude in November, told Vogue. “Every human should have access to quality sexual products regardless of their gender, adult age, or sexuality.”


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