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Dame Products

Duo B.E.D. Kit from Dame Products


Duo Kit from Dame Products is an all-in-one kit for anyone looking to keep their toes warm while enjoying a little self-care. It features Zee, a rechargeable B.E.D., Alu, condoms, and two pairs of socks. And it all comes together in Stash, a discrete washable pouch, to make sure your kit is all together and easy to reach.

Fun fact about socks + pleasure from our friends at Dame: Dame loves using science to help increase intimacy, and there are times when cool data really knocks our socks off. Like when researchers at the University of Groningen found a simple way to increase pleasure — just wear warm socks! In their study, ~80% of couples reached climax while wearing socks, while only ~50% managed to climax without them. Mind. blown.


  • Stash, a discrete washable B.E.D. pouch
  • Zee, a bullet B.E.D. (USB chargeable!)
  • 2 Alu packets, aloe-based personal lubricant
  • 2 latex condoms
  • 2 pairs of unisex Dame socks