Interview: Shyla Gray Wants To Bring Some Sunshine Into Your Life

March 02, 2021 2 min read

Shyla Gray is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter with a stunning voice who loves to look to old school soul and jazz for inspiration. She's releasing her own music this year and we're so pleased to get a chance to feature her before her career takes off. 


What's bringing you pleasure these days?

My solitude! During these times I’ve really had an opportunity to spend a lot of time alone. In that I’ve been able to research on my favourite topics, read more watch videos of artists and get inspired. I find pleasure in a lot of the little things like self care (fancy baths, a night in with a face mask and a good show etc.) Writing music and learning new things has been my therapy. My time alone has really allowed me to get creative in my self care rituals and learning to enjoy my own company inside.

What's your current favourite dinner?

My favourite current dinner has been fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp! Homemade sauce has been my favourite lately

What daily routine can you not live without?

A daily routine I can’t live without is listening to a good set playlist at some point in the day. It’s always good to have a set soul playlist ready for when you wanna clean the house, get some work done or just chill out.



On Instagram, you describe yourself as having a sunny disposition. What's a 'sunny disposition' to you and how do you maintain it?

A sunny disposition to me is just keeping an optimistic outlook on life and bringing light into peoples life around you. I try to maintain this by always finding the solution in situations or by maintaining good energy so I can attract similar people and learn from them.


Where are you taking your music this year?

This year will be very exciting for music cause I’ll be releasing my first body of work this year. I plan to work on my first project and introduce myself as an artist to the world. This project will be a summary of the last two years in just finding my sound and the type of artistry that resonates with me, it’s been a journey and I’m excited to finally materialize it into something.


Shyla wears the Organic Cotton Bandeau Bra in Black.

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